Books for Sale

Books for sale by the Union County Historical and Genealogy Society.  Unless otherwise noted books are new but there may be come condition issues.  We also have a variety of books on local history, Civil War history, Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, and John A. Logan (single copies only). Questions about books, availability, condition and ordering contact: Patrick Brumleve (618/893-2067) or  Books are also available at the Union County Museum.  Copies are limited.  (HB: hardback; SB: softback)


Set: Legends and Lore of Southern Illinois and It Happened in Southern Illinois by John W. Allen, set in cardboard holder, used, $50.
Ordeal of Southern Illinois University by George Plochmann, 2 volume set in cardboard holder, $10.
A Shape in Time and Space, The Migration of Necked Discoid Gravemarkers-The Illinois Sample by Michael McNerney, 2017, $25.
The Amazing Appleknockers, Illinois’ Cinderella Basketball Team of 1964 by Teri Campbell and Anne Ryman, 2010, $20.
Bondage in Egypt, Slavery in Southern Illinois by Darrel Dexter, 2011, $25.
Life and Times of Tilman Manus (Union County native and Civil War veteran) by Keith Pruitt, 2013, $9.
Giant City State Park and The Civilian Conservation Corps, History in Words and Pictures by Kay Rippelmeyer, 2010, SB $20, HB $30.
Civilian Conservation Corps in Southern Illinois 1933-1942 by Kay Rippelmeyer, 2015, HB $35.
All Anybody Ever Wanted of Me was to Work, Memoirs of Edith Bradley Rendleman (Union County native), edited by Jane Adams, HB $20.
Legends and Lore by John W. Allen, HB $20, used.
It Happened in Southern Illinois by John W. Allen, HB $20, (autographed HB $25), used
A River Through Illinois by Dan Overturf and Gary Marx (330 miles on the Illinois waterway, text and photos) 2007, $15.
Souvenir Newspaper published for the 1994 C-Span Lincoln-Douglas Debate Re-enactment (history of debate), $1.
The Bamboo Express by Benjamin Dunn (WWII POW) 1996, $10.
The Dealmakers of Downstate Illinois (Paul Powell, Clyde Choate, John Stelle) by Robert Hartley, 2016, $25.
Random Jolts 1949-1956 by Gwen Bond, Weekly Newspaper Columns, Dongola Tri-County, Dongola, Illinois, $15.
Paul Powell of Illinois, A Lifelong Democrat by Robert Hartley, $7.
A Nickel’s Worth of Skim Milk, A Boy’s View of the Great Depression by Robert Hastings, 1972, $7, used.
The Boy of Battle Ford and the Man by W.S. Blackman (Civil War) with new introduction by Herbert Russell, 2012, $10.
The Bloody Vendetta of Southern Illinois by Milo Erwin and Jon Musgrave, 2006, $15.
History of the Cobden Peach Festival, 1938-1987, $4.
Bloody Williamson by Paul Angle, 1992 reprint, $16.
History of Union County by George Parks (3 volume set) 1988, $75, used.
Men of Grit (Sitter Family of Union County), $8.
Kaskaskia Chronolgy by Herb Meyer, $4.
History 31st Regiment Illinois Volunteers Organized by John A. Logan (with new foreword by John Y. Simon), 1998 reprint, $10.
History of Early Carbondale, Ill. 1852-1905 by John Wright, 1977, $18.
The Flag on the Hilltop by Mary Tracy Earle (introduction by Herbert Russell) 1989 reprint, $10.
Abraham Lincoln, The Boy The Man (text and drawings by Lloyd Ostendorf) (for children), 1962, $5.
Other items for sale:
Postmarked envelope with seal of Union County for county’s bicentennial, Jan. 2, 2018, $2 each
Postmarked envelope for Anna Sesquicentennial, July 2, 2004, $2 each
Postmarked envelope for Cobden Sesquicentennial, Aug. 4, 2007, $2 each