Friends of UCHGS

Join Friends of the Union County Historical & Genealogy Society Club. The Union County Historical & Genealogy Society, Inc. has created a Friends Club to assist the Society in its goals and projects. The Society’s overall goal is the preservation and promotion of Union County history and genealogy. This is accomplished through the obtainment and purchase of documents, artifacts, and other items related to local history. The Society also sponsors programs, promotes local research, and conducts special displays and activities. The Society is always interested in receiving documents and items from Union County including the communities of Alto Pass, Anna, Cobden, Dongola, and Jonesboro.

One of the Society’s major projects has been the restoration of a historic structure known as the DuBois building on Appleknocker Street in downtown Cobden. The Historical Society has assumed the collection of the former Cobden Museum and is now operating the Union County Museum in the structure. The museum features local history, Kirkpatrick Pottery from Anna, Illinois, Native American artifacts, and other historical and educational exhibits. The Society is currently working on the development of a resource center for historical and genealogy research. The resource center would include books, documents, and other items on local history and genealogy that would be available for the general public to review.

Your support will help the Society to achieve its goals and ensure the success of the organization. The Union County Historical & Genealogy Society is here to Preserve the Past for the Future.

Applicaton form

To download and print application, Click on the 'Application Form' link above > go to File > click download. You can also email it to yourself and it will send document as a PDF.